3 Jun 2019

Waterfall Sutherland-Falls

New Zealand Sutherland-Falls  is among the highest waterfalls in the world. You can see it on the South Island in the Fiordland National Park, where this handsome man rolls down from a height of 580 meters, stunning the area around him with the roar of falling water.

The waterfall, which originates from an ice-fed lake, was named after Donald Sutherland, the prospector, the first European to see him in 1880. I must say that the waterfall is located in a remote area, and it’s not easy to get here. But this is the only drawback of this place of rare beauty. Going here, tourists usually walk along the famous Milford trek, a pedestrian route that runs from Lake Te Anau through the most beautiful places of Fiorland Park, passing rough rivers, narrow gorges and overcoming the rainforest.